We’re excited that you plan to visit THE DOOR! It’s one thing to read about our church on a website—it’s another to experience THE DOOR for yourself. You may be wondering, “What can I expect as a guest at ?” We know it can be somewhat awkward and intimidating visiting a new church. You may not know anyone or know what to expect. Below we have answered some questions that guests often ask:
Monday Bible Study 5pm
Monday Community Prayer 6pm - 7pm
Thursday Service 6:30pm
Sunday Service 2pm               
Click on view larger map to enter google maps and you can print direction right to our door.
At The Door Church, people will be dressed in a wide variety ways. There will be people wearing anything from jeans and t-shirts to their Sunday best. Feel free to wear whatever is comfortable to you. You will not feel out of place regardless of your attire.
If you have a Bible, we encourage you to bring it. Don’t worry if you forget – all scriptures will be clearly displayed on our multimedia screen. We encourage you also to bring a notepad and pen to write down many of the helpful things you will hear during the practical teaching and preaching.
Upon arriving you will find our Parking Lot find a parking space. Our main entrance has two glass doors. You will be greeted and made comfortable as you enter the church. From the time you arrive, you will find many friendly people ready to answer any questions or assist you in any way.
We have Sunday School, but If your children are uncomfortable going to Sunday School, feel free to bring them in the sanctuary with you.

If you are visiting with us, we do not expect you to put money in the offering. If you consider The Door Church your church home, we expect you to prayerfully consider giving. You can give either by cash or check during the service.
Our music genres range from contemporary to gospel with some traditional mixed in. We have a drums, piano's and guaitars, with our praise team.
During our church services, you will see people worshiping God in a variety of ways. Worship is typically energetic and spirited. We encourage you to worship God in whatever way you feel comfortable. 
we do our best to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. We do not always follow a schedule or program. This is one of the greatest qualities of The Door. Making room for the Holy Spirit is a priority to us.
During the service, the congregation may be invited to pray. Don’t be alarmed if you hear people praying out loud. Some people pray quietly; others pray aloud with great passion. However you are comfortable praying is just fine! 
One of the highlights of the service is the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. Our pastor preaches with a lot of passion and energy. We feel confident that his message will be both inspiring and relevant to your life.
At the conclusion of the message, people will generally respond by seeking after God through prayer and worship. Some will come to the front and others may pray at their seats. While everyone is encouraged to respond to God’s Spirit and Word, don’t worry – you will never feel pressure from us. We want everyone to seek after God at his or her own pace.
At the conclusion of the service, all new and returning guests are encouraged to stop by the Guest Reception, which is located in the Pastor’s office. Signs in the foyer will direct you to the location, which is directly off the main hallway. At this reception, you can enjoy a fresh beverage and light snack. You will also be given the opportunity to meet the pastoral staff and other church members. Before you leave, you will receive a small gift as a token of our appreciation for your visit. 
The week following your visit, you will receive a letter and a personal phone call from the Pastor thanking you for your visit. He will be happy to answer any questions or pray with you regarding any needs you may have.

Also Some of the church member's do get together to fellowship and hand out and some just head on home. Its up to you!